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Copper Coated Medical Apparel

Everything with care.

Why Copper?

Why Copper?

Our Community. Our Responsibility.

We Take Scrubs Seriously.

We conducted market intelligence on various health care professionals about their likes and dislikes about their scrubs.  Through our research and interviewing health care professionals, we were able to develop our innovative scrubs. We recognized the lack of scrubs that met the needs of health care professionals in terms of style, comfort, and utility. We were able to bridge this gap by combining science and fashion.  

We have applied advanced technology to designing our innovative medical scrubs. Our partners have technical experts in biology, chemistry, medical science and textile engineering that focus on research, innovation, and development of advanced textiles beneficial to human health.

The advanced innovative technology of coating copper onto fabric has strong antimicrobial properties and continuously kills 99.9% of bacteria in contact with it.

Copper medical believes that you deserve to feel safe. We have placed special attention to design and incorporated style, comfort and utility into our scrubs so that you can save lives and feel great doing it.

Copper Ion Infused fabric

What is Cuprix?

A luxurious fabric blend with performance enhancing 2 way stretch. Its copper infused thread has been engineered to deliver endless antimicrobial activity. Our fabric blend includes: Copper 15%, Spandex 7%, Polyester 36%, and Viscose 42%.